GCHS 2019 Talent Show

Ethan Pederson, in front on guitar and vocals and Kawika Ho on drums in back, cover “NIB” by Black Sabbath and “Show No Mercy” by Slayer.
Photo by Anthony Militano

Boys on bikes, an inspirational speech and an homage to classic heavy metal were all part of the Grand County High School 2019 Talent Show on Wednesday, May 15 in the Grand County High School auditorium.

Matthew Andrew, Jacob Knight and Conor Duniway showed off slick cycle stunts in a video presentation.

There were vocal performances. Evan Welch contributed “Do I Want To Know,” Meah Mogensen sang “Hurt,” Nathaniel Mason did a cover of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.” Mason performed the song dressed in a brown vest and trench coat. The music kicked out about three-quarters of the way into the song. Mason asked the audience if he should continue. The audience agreed he should. Mason rattled off the remainder of his performance with no music and the audience loved it.

Haley Aaron produced an engaging version of “DNA” and Annabelle Garrett belted out a dynamic, sincere version of “All I Ask.”

The audience was excited and engaged, but it came to a serious standstill when Jack Charlton offered a thought-provoking original speech entitled “Follow Your Heart.” Charlton pointed out humans have a heartbeat long before they have the capacity for rational thought. The heart and not the head is where humanity resides. In concluding, Charlton said: “Follow your heart, your brain is stupid.”

Master of Ceremonies Jarett Reidhead said he was fulfilling a lifelong dream of singing “Tequila” by The Champs. Josie Wakefield with her ukulele did a cover of “Party Favor” by Billie Eilish. Wakefield’s choice was interesting because Billie Eilish and Wakefield are essentially the same age. “Party Favor” taps into the mysterious ways in which teens communicate, and due to the nature of the song, Wakefield had to censor herself; it was fun to see and hear her go right up to the edge.

The Park brothers contributed piano solos. Kevin Park played the theme to “Interstellar.” Teddy Park was taking on “Sonata” when suddenly the rear curtain opened and percussionist Kawika Ho joined in. Senior Dasia Gibb with her guitar presented “This Is It,” an original piece for the Class of 2019.

“Everyone who came out tonight, everyone who performed, I’m very proud of all of you who had the courage to come up,” she said.

The evening was capped off by a self-professed no-name band consisting of senior lead guitarist and singer Ethan Pederson, junior guitarist Logan Heili and sophomore drummer Kawaika Ho. The no-name trio channeled the metal gods and did classic rips from Black Sabbath and Slayer. It was loud. There was no mosh pit, but for a brief period of time an audience member bodysurfed in the crowd.

It was a fun end to an entertaining evening.