Landfill stops taking cardboard

Grand County Council Member Mary McGann at Tuesday’s meeting announced the Moab Landfill will stop taking cardboard June 1 in order to extend the lifespan of the Sand Flats Road facility.

The Grand County Solid Waste District in a public notice sent out Wednesday said that lifespan will likely end in less than a decade. Customers with cardboard will have to offload into a trailer or some other type of receptacle near the entrance to the landfill.

Cardboard must be free of debris, including Styrofoam, plastic and other nonconforming materials. A gatehouse attendant will inspect the load to ensure all of the cardboard has been removed. The offloading container will only be used during a transition period. People with cardboard will bring it to the Community Recycle Center at 1000 Sand Flats Road.

Cardboard is not the only item the landfill won’t accept. Household trash, appliances, furniture, mattresses, anything containing liquid and other items are prohibited, as is all types of asbestos.

Yard waste is permitted and is charged at a rate of $8 per cubic yard – as long as it is free of dirt, rocks and other nonorganic materials. If they are present, the charge to dispose is $12 per cubic yard.

Call 434-259-3867 for more information.