Moab, May 23, 2019

Effective June 1, 2019, in an effort to conserve landfill space and extend the lifetime of the landfill, cardboard will no longer be accepted for disposal at the Moab Landfill located on Sand Flats Road. Given the capacity and current volumes of material being delivered by both residential and commercial customers, it is estimated that there are less than ten (10) years of lifetime remaining at the Moab Landfill.

Customers with loads containing cardboard will be required to offload the material into a trailer or receptacle provided by the District near the entrance of the landfill during the initial transition period. Cardboard must be free of other debris, including styrofoam, plastic, and other nonconforming materials. Once the cardboard has been removed, customers will be redirected to the gate house attendant where acceptance of the load will be determined. After the initial transition period, the District will no longer provide a container for cardboard, and customers will be asked to bring their cardboard to the Community Recycle Center located at 1000 E. Sand Flats Road. In accordance with the District’s 2019 Fee Schedule, large volumes of cardboard are billed at a rate of $4 per cubic yard (1/3 of the price charged for construction debris [$12 per cubic yard] at the Moab Landfill).

As a reminder, the Moab Landfill is not permitted to accept household trash, including appliances, furniture, mattresses, anything containing liquids, and other items. All types of asbestos (friable and nonfriable) are prohibited from the landfill. Yard waste is permitted at the landfill and is charged at a rate of $8 per cubic yard as long as it is free of debris, dirt, rocks, and other nonorganic material. Yard waste containing these items will be charged at a full rate of $12 per cubic yard.

Please contact us at (435) 259-3867 with any questions.

Published in The Times-Independent, Moab, Utah, May 23, 2019.