Police respond to two fights at same bar Sunday morning

Around 2 a.m. on Sunday, May 19, Moab City Police responded to two incidents at a bar in Moab, making one arrest as a result.

In one case, a man was arrested after allegedly pushing two women who he wanted to take home. The women were leaving after the bar’s manager and the bouncer found a sober driver to take the women to the campsite.

The manager told police that she had told the man to leave after he pushed the two women, that his behavior was “unacceptable” and that he should be charged with assault. Police agreed and did so.

A friend of the man told police that he was not the aggressor. Police gave him a statement form to fill out and told him that three other witnesses held opposing views.

In the other case, two women said they had been in a fight with each other at the bar. A mutual friend who was sober arrived to drive the women back to their campsite for the night.

Before leaving, one of the women got out of the car, telling police the other hit her in the face. The other two in the car said there was no assault and drove away without her.

The woman who was left behind kept calling the driver until the two returned. They then “reorganized how they were sitting” in the car, according to the report, then left.