Back-in parking discriminates against elderly, others


First, let me say I loved (past tense) the Moab where I lived for 40 years. It no longer is recognizable as the town I called home.

What is the next crackpot idea your city fathers want to impose on you poor Moabites? I think the back-in angle parking is one of the craziest ideas I’ve heard of and experienced. I do believe that everyone who drives can manage angle front-in parking. That discriminates against no one that I know.

The back-in parking discriminates against many. How many of the general drivers can properly manage back-in parking? I assume that most of the elderly would have trouble unless they had managed it years earlier. I don’t think they could manage it at an elderly age.

Then we also have the very young who are learning to drive. How about the handicapped? I’m sure some of them would have a difficult time.

Then there are the plain clumsy, which includes yours truly, who can’t back up worth a darn. What about the businesses that have limited access to those who can’t back in?

Some will have to go around the block to try to find a place to park. I would imagine that some handicapped would have difficulty with that and be at a big disadvantage. I thought this was the age that we were dedicated to stop discrimination.

I guess all in all you poor Moabites have had to put up with similar problems for some time now. I guess I shouldn’t even be concerned, but then I’m selfish as I still do my shopping in Moab.

–Vickie Riley Peterson
La Sal