Former mayor: Olsen made ‘huge number of contributions’


Thanks for the well-written and comprehensive article about David Olsen in the [May 23 edition] of the paper.

The Davidson issue was certainly one of the most unfortunate events in the history of Moab City and I don’t presume to question the wisdom – or lack of – the settlement Ms. Davidson received, as I am sure the council saw that as the only way to put this unpleasant experience behind them.

I suspect that, given her previous employment history in Wyoming and Colorado (which the mayor and council knew about and which should have raised some serious red flags), Ms. Davidson was likely irritated by someone as honest and conscientious as David.

I first met David in January of 1993, when I was hired as the administrative secretary for Moab City. Later, when I served as mayor, David was a tremendous help to me and I believe he ranks far at the top of a list I would make of dedicated and hardworking people I have known.

I want to express my own and many other Moab and Grand County residents’ appreciation for the huge number of contributions David made while in his significant role for the city. I won’t describe all the various “hats” he wore in that job – the newspaper article spelled them out quite well.

However, I see daily evidence of what he did to make Moab a much nicer place. He was responsible for the Mill Creek Parkway, the skate park, and the bike park on Fifth West, as well as the many trees the city planted that give Moab a beauty and distinctive personality you seldom find in desert communities.

I will forever resent the fact that the Moab City Council allowed Ms. Davidson to eliminate his position and that of Ken Davey, who, while he had not been with the city as long as David had, was still a valuable staff member. It is good that David has gotten past his resentment and at least is working at something that can apply toward his retirement. The school district is lucky to have him!


– Karla Hancock