Fire on 100 South possibly started in engine of car

A car, which neighbors said hasn’t moved from its spot in months, caught fire Sunday afternoon, June 2. First responders said the fire might have started from the car, whose battery they noted was missing. Photo by Carter Pape

A fire set a car and nearby brush ablaze Sunday afternoon, June 2, near the intersection of 400 East and 100 South. Two people who said they were nearby when the fire started were the first on the scene and used water hoses to control the blaze while first responders arrived.

The two, Jake White and another local who asked to not be named, said they were sitting on the porch of the house next door when they noticed smoke. White, who used to be a firefighter, and his friend, who lives at the neighboring property, said they went to see what happened and started putting out the fire.

White’s friend and other witnesses said the car, which belongs to a neighbor, hadn’t moved from its spot in months.

Witnesses said they did not know exactly how the fire began. Firefighters on the scene noted that the car’s battery was missing and that, based on how the blaze burned, it may have started in the engine, near where the battery had been.

More on this story will be available in the June 6 edition of The Times-Independent.