Housekeeping employee admits to stealing iPad from hotel room

Management trespasses her from property

A housekeeping employee who worked at a hotel in Moab admitted to Moab City Police on Sunday, June 2 to stealing an iPad from a customer, who had reportedly left it on the bed in the room she was renting.

The hotel patron contacted police to tell them that she remembered leaving it on the bed. Hotel management told her that no electronic device had been turned in from that room.

Police contacted the hotel manager, who told police that there were four other iPads that had been turned in, but none of them belonged to the patron.

Police asked the manager who had cleaned the room. The manager told police the housekeeper’s first name but said that he did not know her last name. The head of housekeeping for the hotel also told police that she did not know the housekeeper’s last name.

Upon request from the police, the head of housekeeping brought the housekeeper in question to the lobby to speak with officers. When police explained the situation to her, she admitted to stealing the iPad and brought the officers to her car, where she turned it over.

Police said the housekeeper in question kept repeating that another person “said it would be okay.”

Police cited the housekeeper for theft, and the hotel manager banned her from hotel property.