Police kick down door to free patron from hotel room

Moab City Police Friday responded to a report of a patron of a local hotel who could not get the door to unlock, nor could he open the window. The incident occurred at roughly 7:30 a.m. May 31. After police unsuccessfully attempted to open the door and window, they kicked in the door to get the patron out of the room.

When police arrived at the hotel, an employee was also there. She said she was not able to wake the manager.

After several unsuccessful attempts to open the window and door, the employee left again to try to wake the manager. She came back, saying she was able to wake him and that police could break open the door.

When police kicked open the door, breaking the doorjamb, the deadbolt was still extended “after being unlocked from the inside and with a key from the outside,” according to the police report.