Mcatlin gets life term in St. George murder

Former Moab resident Kevin Mcatlin is serving a lengthy prison term following his conviction on first-degree murder in St. George.
Photo courtesy of the Utah
Department of Corrections

A Moab man was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison after a jury in St. George convicted him of first-degree murder in the June 2, 2018 stabbing death of 33-year-old St. George resident Elizabeth Carter.

According to police, Kevin Ray Mcatlin, 29, stabbed Carter in the neck and shoulder more than a dozen times in a savage attack that occurred in the woman’s apartment. He put her body in the bathtub and covered it with pillows before leaving.

Police arrested Mcatlin at his grandparents’ Moab home on June 16 after investigators found a single bloody fingerprint that matched his prints, according to reports published at the time.

Calling the crime heinous, Judge G. Michael Westfall told Mcatlin he would recommend he serve most of his life sentence. Defense attorney Edward Flint said the murder was committed due to anger issues sparked by drug abuse. Mcatlin apologized “to everyone who was affected,” according to a report in The Spectrum newspaper in St. George.