PAD will destroy historic Moab


Stand on the ridge overlooking Moab and you will gaze upon an island of green surrounded by an ocean of red rocks. Moab is an oasis of lush plant life.

The City of Moab has an ambitious goal of increasing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions within the next decade, while at the same time, encouraging maximum housing density.

The City’s PAD (Planned Affordable Development) overlay that was recently approved for all R-3 zones in Moab would eradicate 95% of green space within any PAD development. PADs only require 5% of the total lot area to be designated green space. There are no requirements for increased energy efficiency standards in a PAD, passive solar orientation, nor any aesthetic guidelines or required use of non-toxic materials for construction. Developers can cram as many as 40 units onto one acre plus the required parking spaces for 40 to 60 vehicles.

R-3 zoning already allows for the highest density at 21 units per acre and 24 units per acre in R-4. Do we really need to increase density to 40 units per acre in the heart of historic Moab?

Sacrificing green neighborhoods for apartments and parking lots will increase traffic congestion, fumes and noise.

Rooftops and parking lots raise the ground temperature resulting in more energy use to control interior comfort levels at the expense of carbon sequestering plant life.

If we really want to reduce energy and lower carbon emissions, preserving every square foot of green space we have left would be a priority.

There are 700 residential units soon to be created under the affordable housing domain without sacrificing R-3 zones in the greenest part of Moab.

Please stop calling longtime residents “selfish” for protecting what little green space we have left in historic old Moab. Please think about reserving land for food security as a crucial part of community sustenance.

We could vastly lower carbon emissions by lobbying the state to excuse our community from street-legalized ATV use. Please protect our community from senseless noise pollution. Please do not issue any permits for ATV festivals.

– Kaki Hunter