Candidate profile: Bryon Walston

Bryon Walston has lived in Moab for over 58 years. He served on the Grand County School Board for 16 years and with his wife currently owns and operates Moab Premier Properties and Angel Watch Storage. He also provides Hummer tours for the Moab Adventure Center.

“I believe I understand the issues that face Moab today,” Walston said. “I care deeply about Moab. It is my home.”

Walston said that he seeks to “protect the rights of the people [who live in] and love Moab,” and that he wants to “help or increase the quality of life for the average Moab resident.”

“We have advertised many years and fed the monster we have now created. We have a development boom here in town. Things are still in the state of flux and growth.”

Here is how Walston responded to our three questions:

What are your thoughts on the version of PAD that the city passed last month? What would you like to improve, change, or remove?

“I believe that the PAD and the high density overlay zones are a good start to help the housing crisis. They should be tweaked as needed.”

What are your thoughts on the proposal for council members to get back health coverage that they lost starting in 2014? Would you like to see city council members’ pay and benefits increased, decreased, or stay the same?

“I believe that health coverage should be provided by the city to those whose serve. The council should have a modest salary.”

What are your thoughts on removing lodging as a protected use in the City of Moab? Should the rules be less restrictive, or should new hotels and overnight rentals be disallowed completely as proposed?

“The proposed new overnight restriction would only complicate the situation we are in and set the city and county up for lawsuits. It would increase property prices, and thus, the bottom line would be an increase in property taxes in the area, which I am against.”