Candidate profile: Kendall Jenson

Kendall Jenson lives in Moab year-round with his wife “because of friends and the natural magnificence that surrounds us,” according to a statement.

Jenson said he has enjoyed “watching the families of Moab be watched out for and grow by this caring community. I would like for all of this to continue. This is one reason I am running for city council.”

Here is how Jenson responded to two of our three questions:

What are your thoughts on the proposal for council members to get back health coverage that they lost starting in 2014? Would you like to see city council members’ pay and benefits increased, decreased or stay the same?

“I view being elected to the city council as an opportunity to serve the citizens rather than employment with benefits. I will vote no on any increase in city council compensation.”

What are your thoughts on removing lodging as a protected use in the City of Moab? Should the rules be less restrictive, or should new hotels and overnight rentals be disallowed completely as proposed?

“Many are concerned about the rapid development of overnight accommodation businesses and the lack of affordable housing for the employees they attract.

“I am sure that much well-planned and appropriately-zoned development is necessary and must be part of planning future growth. Also, preserving the property values of our citizens must be an important factor to consider in planning and zoning for this needed housing.”

Note: This story originally included one instance of an incorrect name referenced.