Candidate profile: Rani Derasary

Rani Derasary is an incumbent to the Moab City Council, running for re-election in 2019. She was first elected to the seat in 2015.

Here is how Derasary responded to our three questions:

What are your thoughts on the version of PAD that the city passed last month? What would you like to improve, change or remove?

“I think if we’d taken more time and engaged better with the public from the start, we would have a better product more citizens felt invested in. I still lack clarity on whether this will enhance–or detract from–included residential zones long term.

“There are many unknowns. We still don’t know how the deed restrictions will be applied, and by whom; we lack coherent visual images of what PAD projects might look like on lots on actual Moab streets we recognize, to help Council and residents better conceptualize how and if PAD scale, design, and maximum density will fit into the community; and we don’t have a clear sense of fiscal impacts, such as administration and any associated fee waivers.

“It would be nice to have changes that address these items.”

What are your thoughts on the proposal for council members to get back health coverage that they lost starting in 2014? Would you like to see city council members’ pay and benefits increased, decreased or stay the same?

“There have been numerous proposals to date. Council and the public only just received a clear comparison in print of numerous options for a compensation increase at the June 11 council meeting.

“When discussions first began about an increase, I was under the impression that only a small increase would be justified. Since then, we were informed of the fact that past councils received insurance until 2014, and previous mayors until 2018.

“That information makes the argument to reinstate 2014 benefits stronger, and more defensible. I will digest the June 11 document to better understand the options presented, and their impact on the budget, before formulating an opinion on which increase option to support.”

What are your thoughts on removing lodging as a protected use in the City of Moab? Should the rules be less restrictive, or should new hotels and overnight rentals be disallowed completely as proposed?

“The public has spoken overwhelmingly about their desire to see a cessation in new overnight lodging for the time being, to allow time to better understand the impacts of vested projects poised to add as much as 38% more lodging, and also allow the city and county to work on related land use planning that will take more time. I support this.

“With respect to overnight rentals in the C2 zone, we have received many requests for an overlay option, as opposed to grandfathering existing uses. I’m still reading up on the legality and implications of each choice in the short and long terms to help me render an opinion on which option is best.”