DWR seeks bear that scratched boy

At about 6 a.m. Tuesday, June 18, a bear scratched a boy after he entered a campsite in the left fork of Hobble Creek Canyon in an area on private property toward the top of the canyon in Utah County. The contact will cost it its life.

According to Utah Division of Wildlife Resources spokesperson Faith Jolley, the bear disturbed a tent and the boy received minor scratches on his back and is expected to be okay. DWR is coordinating with USDA Wildlife Services, and they will work together to track and capture the bear, said Jolley. “We will also work with the U.S. Forest Service to put up notifications at campgrounds in the area.”

Jolley said it is unclear how long it may take to locate the bear, but staff will work to find it until “we have exhausted all our options. Because this bear exhibited a lack of fear toward people, when it is located, the bear will be euthanized,” she said. “While we are working to locate and trap the bear, we ask people to stay out of the upper left-hand fork of Hobble Creek Canyon. Having unofficial personnel in the area could disrupt efforts to locate the bear.”

Remember that Utah is bear country. For safety tips, visit the DWR website: https://wildlife.utah.gov/living-with-bears