In response to moratorium letter


There is SO much wrong with your letter [“An attempt to put a moratorium on tourism?” June 13, The Times-Independent.”] I am going to remark on only one aspect of it.

I, too, have lived here over 20 years (28 to be precise), and during that entire time I have owned rental houses. My tenants have NEVER – in 28 years – “destroyed the property and stopped paying rent after a few months.” I really doubt that a “majority” of yours have, and if they have perhaps you should consider hiring an agent to vet for you.

If you are objecting to putting restrictions on land use (which I believe must be done to maintain Moab as a viable residential community) you are welcome to that opinion. However, don’t try to justify your opinion by blaming the many workers in Moab who don’t make enough money to buy a home and must rent their housing.

–Karen Robinson

P.S. “The use that best fits that land” is probably open space with sagebrush and rabbit brush and juniper. The best use that fits profitability for an individual is something else…and perhaps that “best use” should take into consideration the needs of the entire population.

P.P.S. The folks sleeping in their cars are not the same people who would be spending a hefty amount on overnight lodging in a B&B. Those folks sleeping in their cars are the ones who need more campgrounds. How many people knock on the door at the last minute for B&B accommodations – don’t they make prior reservations? And how is paying $5 for a shower “taking advantage” of anything?

Well, I guess I did remark on more than one…