Love’s deal ‘callously bulldozed’ Spanish Valley residents


At the recent meeting between the Grand County Council and San Juan County Commission, there was discussion of the proposed Love’s Truck stop at Highway 191 and Sunny Acres Lane. The Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration is the seller. Its director, Dave Ure, told those present that the decades-old homes on Sunny Acres Lane were intruding into a commercial zone. Therefore, it was okay for Love’s to build a truck stop literally along their backyards.

It doesn’t matter that Love’s guidelines call for a 500-foot buffer between residential uses. It doesn’t matter that residents who chose Spanish Valley for its quiet beauty may now be forced to live with diesel fumes and trucks idling all night. None of this matters, because San Juan County wants tax revenue and SITLA is in the land-selling business.

But the truth is that this does matter deeply to the residents who are being callously bulldozed by a state agency, a county government, and a large corporation. And it should matter to others in Moab and Spanish Valley who care about the kind of development coming our way today and over the next 20 years.

A Love’s representative told residents that the truck stop would bring the convenience of picking up milk and bread on the way home. He also said that he chose to build his own home in a rural area far from highways and truck stops.

–Larry Witt
Spanish Valley