PAD discriminates against R3 residents


I am calling for the City of Moab to cancel the recently passed high-density overlay planned affordable development ordinance. All overlay ordinance schemes that feature different rules for development within the same zone, depending on the type of development being proposed, share the same characteristic. They assume that the people living in the affected zone do not matter.

Their property rights are secondary to those of a developer whose intent is to build a project and turn a profit. This is the decision that the City of Moab has made – that the people in the R3 zone, as well as the properties, many of them historic, that they occupy, are unimportant relative to the desired new development.

Apparently the city feels that myself and the other residents of the R3 zone are lower class individuals not deserving of the right to a stable set of development rules that the better people in the R2 zone are entitled to. This PAD ordinance is a travesty; all of the residents of Moab should be treated equally and all should have stable development rules in their respective zones.

The minimum rental unit size in the PAD is only about 16 feet square, which is smaller than many motel rooms. When you stack 20 or 30 of these small apartment units into a multi-story building, what results is indistinguishable from a motel where the rooms have kitchenettes. Motels are commercial structures and the city needs to recognize that these high-density apartments will also be commercial structures, which have no place in a residential neighborhood.

What the city has done with the PAD overlay is to remove the buffer between residential and commercial uses, which I thought was supposed to be part of our agreed-to master plan. Basically, the city’s PAD overlay provides the foundation for the eventual destruction of old town Moab; this is a mistake that must be corrected.

–Jeff McCleary