Traffic stop ends in arrest on opioid possession

According to a report from Moab City Police, an officer who was on his way to start his shift on Saturday, June 15, initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle that he discovered had a revoked registration. He later arrested the driver when, according to police, they found in the car a bottle of pain pills without an accompanying prescription.

The officer was driving to the Moab Police Department to start his shift at 2:40 p.m. on Saturday when he ran the plates of a car in front of him and discovered the registration revocation. He also found that the registered owner of the car had a suspended Utah driver’s license.

Body camera footage of the initial contact between the officer and the suspect is not available, according to a police report, since the officer had not reached the police department to pick up his body camera before initiating the traffic stop.

When additional officers reached the scene, they reported that they smelled marijuana coming from the car. According to the report, the suspect “was honest about the marijuana odor and gave to us two small glass bottles, one with marijuana bud and one with marijuana residue.”

After additionally handing over a plastic bag with marijuana capsules, officers asked whether there was “anything else illegal in the vehicle, specifically paraphernalia or other drugs.” The suspect told officers that there was not, and he was cited and arrested for marijuana possession and other violations.

Officers said that, as they inventoried the vehicle, they found a prescription bottle with 22 pills identified as opioid pain medication Tylenol with Codeine #3.

According to the police report, the bottle was not accompanied by a prescription, which is a Class A misdemeanor. Because of this, police deleted the citation they had written previously and referred all charges to the Seventh District Court in Moab.