Human bones found in Ogden Nature Center

Rapid DNA Analysis determines remains belong to missing man

The identity of a Weber County man has been confirmed through Rapid DNA Analysis from remains discovered 10 months after he was reported missing by his family, according to a statement from the Utah Attorney General.

On March 17 hikers at the Ogden Nature Center reported bones they had discovered on the mountainside. The bones were found to belong to a human adult, according to the AG.

Rapid DNA Analysis of samples obtained from the bone confirmed the identity as 29-year-old Mark Myres of Ogden, who had been missing since May 4, 2018. The cause of death is unknown.

“The Weber County Sheriff’s Department and the AG’s Office are pleased that the use of the Rapid DNA technology is able to provide answers to Mr. Myres’ family,” said Special Agent Nate Mutter. “We’d like to express our condolences for their loss.”

Rapid DNA testing was first used by the Utah Attorney General’s Office in 2018. About the size of a printer, this technology allows law enforcement to analyze evidence on the crime scene and deliver results within a couple of hours. This timing is significantly shorter than the typical turnaround time often needed for DNA analysis.

Since its integration into the Attorney General’s Office, Rapid DNA has helped solve a myriad of cases.