Police arrest man for intoxicated driving, find two shotguns in his vehicle during June 23 stop

On Sunday, June 23, Moab City Police arrested a driver after he admitted to having consumed a beer before he started driving, despite an alcohol restriction on his driver’s license. Police said they also found multiple open containers of alcohol in his car and two shotguns.

Police initiated a traffic stop on the driver, who had a friend in the car with him, after he failed to signal while changing lanes. Police asked the man if he had consumed any alcohol that day, and he said that he had drank a beer about 40 minutes prior.

After retrieving information about his record from his driver’s license, police told the man that he was an alcohol-restricted driver and that he would be arrested for driving after consuming alcohol.

Police said they knew the man was a former felon, so they asked whether he had any weapons in his vehicle. He told police that he did not.

Police said they later did a search of the man’s car and found at least two open containers of alcohol and two shotguns in the backseat. The man told police that one gun belonged to him and the other to his son.

The man, who was restricted from owning a gun and restricted from driving after consuming alcohol due to prior convictions, was arrested on two counts of possession of a firearm, violating his alcohol restriction, having open containers of alcohol in the car while driving and failing to signal while changing lanes.