Video: The Moab Recycling Center compresses cardboard with new machine

Members of the Moab Recycling Center and the special service district board that oversees it celebrate the acquisition and installation of a new baler Thursday, June 27. From left to right, Chris Scovill, facilities supervisor for the Solid Waste Special Service District #1; Kalen Jones, treasurer of the SWSSD1 administrative control board; Evan Tyrrell, district manager for SWSSD1; Kevin Fitzgerald, at-large member of the board; Tyler Francis (behind), president of Altitude Recycling Equipment, the supplier for the machine; Darryll Smallcanyon, master mechanic for SWSSD1; and Brandon Bertwell, equipment operator for SWSSD1. Photo by Carter Pape

The Moab Recycling Center recently installed its new baler, a machine that compresses materials like cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and more into shippable stacks, also known as bales.

Board members of the Special Service Waste District #1 (the district that oversees the center), staffers and others attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday, June 27 to celebrate the new acquisition.

After a test run of the machine, the staff at the center successfully baled nearly 1,500 pounds of cardboard, roughly 50% more than their previous baler could handle. They did it in a fraction of the time it took with the old machine.

SWSSD1 District Manager Evan Tyrrell holds a plaque dedicated to longtime SWSSD1 board member Pamala Hackley. Photo by Carter Pape

The ribbon-cutting ceremony also included the dedication of a plaque memorializing the service of Pamala Hackley, who recently left the SWSSD1 administrative control board after 13 years as an active member.

Video recorded and edited by Carter Pape

Note: The original version of this story used the words “bail” and “bailer” rather than the correct words, “bale” and “baler.”