District should abate mosquito problem


I just left the Mosquito Abatement District meeting and all we heard was a lot of excuses. They said they have not sprayed for mosquitos for many years and would not be spraying in Moab City or the general county because they could not afford to. They are a special service district and have taxing authority so why don’t they have enough money? They seem to have enough to pay salaries. Tim Graham suggested maybe they could hand out cans of “OFF.” I am not sure if that was supposed to be funny or serious.

I asked if they could at least spray the baseball field and the city park and similar places, but they just repeated that they would not be spraying anywhere. They are saving the money to spray for mosquitos if West Nile Virus shows up, which it hasn’t. Unless they think it is a public health issue they intend to do nothing. They are not a hospital or the county nurse but they are supposed to abate mosquitos. That would take care of the health issues.

The definition of abate is, “of something perceived as hostile, threatening or negative. To become less intense or widespread. SPECIAL USAGE – cause to become smaller or less intense, lessen, reduce, or remove (esp. a nuisance). The definition of abatement (often in legal use) the ending, reduction, or lessening of something.”

If they do not intend to do their job, we should DISOLVE the Mosquito Abatement District and hire the Orkin pest control; they could also do the testing. I suspect we could do it for less than the budget for the Mosquito District. They apparently do some other abatement along the river and the sloughs but they don’t do the same thing in Moab City or other parts of the county.

There were many other people at the Mosquito District meeting that were just as upset as I was. If I am not mistaken I recall that Jeanette Kopell said that the district had not sprayed for 21 years. No wonder their equipment won’t work.

–Merlene Dalton