Officers twice arrest man found drunk at slackline park

Moab City Police arrested one man two days in a row, Thursday and Friday, July 27 and 28, after reportedly finding him highly intoxicated by the slackline park on 500 West.

The first arrest was prompted after a report that a man was lying on the ground at the park in his underwear; the second was reported at approximately the same time the next day, 7:05 p.m.

Police said during the first contact that they found the man at the slackline park lying on top of what appeared to be an anthill.

The man later tested as having a blood alcohol concentration of 0.32 percent, far above the legal driving limit in Utah.

The man complained to police and later to EMS of experiencing pain in his right leg and foot. He was transported to Moab Regional Hospital after EMS said the hospital should evaluate him.

The next day, police were dispatched to the same location after a report of a man who appeared to be passed out on the ground at the park. Police arrived and identified him as the same person from the day before.

EMS evaluated him on the scene and reported no issues and that his intoxication would not require hospitalization. The man later tested as having a BAC of approximately 0.33 and was issued a citation for public intoxication.