Please don’t hurt my dogs


Kudos to the Millcreek Veterinary Clinic for their quick action on Wednesday, May 27, in having the antidote and treating our dogs for antifreeze poisoning, which someone left in the corner of our yard for our dogs to eat. I happened to be outside and saw them eating something and wanting to be sure they were okay.

We took the dogs and evidence to the vet clinic and discovered it was antifreeze. Small dogs protect their home the only way they can, which is by barking. I know it can be annoying but so are the four-wheelers buzzing by or someone using their leaf-blower or weed-eater. They make noise also.

Most people have pets for companionship and love and care for them like they are family. Would you poison someone’s child if they did something you didn’t approve of?

This treatment cost me a lot of money, but to me they are worth it. They love you no matter what you do. All I am asking is please don’t resort to hurting any dog. We are all God’s creatures and have a purpose on this earth. Please think hard before harming someone’s pet.

– Linda Leech
Grand County