Two arrested at RV park after stealing a shower, police say

Moab City Police arrested two persons found at an RV park after one reportedly provided false information to police and the other was found in possession of a prying tool.

A woman reported the two individuals to police after she saw them “sneaking around,” according to a police report, near the back of a building at the RV park. She told police that they both entered the laundry room then went into the women’s bathroom and shower area.

When police knocked on the door, a woman’s voice replied that she would be out in a minute, according to the report. A few minutes later, a woman came to the door and, according to police, admitted to being present illegally to the reported shower.

According to a police report, the officers asked whether there was anyone else in the bathroom or shower, to which the woman replied that there was not.

An officer then went into the shower room and reportedly found a person hiding behind a shower curtain, possessing a “large knife and a large crescent wrench with a long spike at the end of it, which is typically used for prying,” according to the police report.

The two were trespassed from the RV park. The man was issued a citation for theft of services and possession of a burglary device, and the woman was arrested for theft of services and for providing false information to a police officer.