City changing traffic pattern near middle school, market

Multiple construction projects pending on Uranium Blvd.

This map illustrates the new traffic pattern that will be in place around City Market and the Grand County Middle school for up to the next two years while two nearby construction projects are completed. Map data courtesy of OpenStreetMap, edited by Carter Pape

City Engineer Chuck Williams reported to the Moab City Council on Tuesday, July 9, that the engineering department had plans to change the traffic pattern on Uranium Boulevard and 100 East to mitigate negative traffic impacts while multiple construction projects take place in the area.

While construction takes place over the next one to two years, traffic on Uranium will become one-way. Traffic that enters Uranium from Highway 191 will be routed past the middle school on 100 East, which will also become one-way. That traffic will exit onto Grand Avenue or 300 South, both of which will remain two-way during construction, according to the plan.

Middle school construction will begin in the next few months, behind the current school building, and construction on the Radcliffe Hotel is set to begin near GearHeads, between the strip mall and Uranium Boulevard, in September. The projects will bring considerable construction traffic to an already busy area.

As part of traffic management during nearby construction, this driveway into and out of City Market will be closed. At the other end of the parking lot, the driveway to Grand Avenue (the “City Market sneak,” as Mayor Emily Niehaus called it) will remain open. Photo by Carter Pape

Williams said the plan was the result of conversations among a focus group of stakeholders in the area, including city officials and representatives from City Market, the school district and Kobalt Construction, Radcliffe’s contractor. The focus group’s purpose was to determine the best plan to control car, truck and construction traffic in the area.

In a related matter, Williams mentioned the Utah Department of Transportation plans to install traffic signals on the vertical parts of traffic light poles on Main Street. The signals are intended to make it easier for car traffic to see signals when they are behind tall truck traffic that blocks the already-in-place traffic lights above intersections.

He also said that UDOT would add signage that remind drivers to yield to pedestrians when they turn.