Lee’s guide to doing it like a local


Due to work obligations on the Fourth of July I was unable to visit the travel council’s booth regarding how to “do it like a Moab Local.”

I am uncertain as to just what they are after, but I compiled a list based on my own experiences as a “local” in this town for forty years.

  1. Grow a garden.
  2. Pay cash for your car.
  3. Learn all you can about local wild foods.
  4. Stay healthy.
  5. Cultivate a “good-ole-boys” network.
  6. Be humble.
  7. Dance every chance you have.
  8. Buy used clothes.
  9. Use your car only when absolutely necessary.
  10. Never go anywhere but to work and back on three-day weekends.
  11. Drive a car with a “100-mile rubber band.”
  12. Be grateful – you have landed on the most beautiful place on Earth.
  13. Laugh
  14. Cry
  15. Write
  16. Trust
  17. Try not to remember “way back when.”
  18. Carry baby wipes and extra poop bags while walking your dog near town, especially if she loves rolling in fresh people poop.
  19. Carefully time your trips to City Market.
  20. If you find a hidden sweet spot within 1,000 miles of Center and Main, don’t pose with it and post in on your social media page.

Well, I’m pretty certain this will be of absolutely no help whatsoever to the Travel Council, because when I read it back, I realized that “doing it like a local” is learning how to get your needs taken care of in your own backyard.

– Patrice Lee