Man arrested for attempting to kick in apartment door

Police allegedly found meth in the man’s pockets

Police arrested a man Thursday afternoon, July 4, after he allegedly tried to kick in a door at a local apartment building. Police allegedly found that the man, whom they recognized from a call from earlier in the day, had methamphetamine in his pockets.

As officers put him under arrest and searched him, an officer emptied the man’s pockets into an evidence bag. When police later checked the man into jail, an officer retrieved the evidence bag and noticed a white, powdery substance at the bottom of it.

Police said the substance later tested positive for methamphetamine, and possession of the substance was added to the man’s charges. He had been found with a half-full 12-pack of beer and smelled strongly of alcohol.

Police had spoken to the same man in the morning, when a person called police to say that he was knocking on her door, being a nuisance and loudly talking to himself.

Police said that they attempted to talk to the man after the first report, but he said he could not speak English, and officers had a difficult time communicating with him.

Police used a translation app to tell the man that he had to leave the property and not come back; the man said he understood.

Police found the same man later in the day, next to an apartment, the door of which had “numerous marks and scrapes,” according to a police report. He was arrested for criminal mischief and intoxication.