County gets aggressive on Tusher Street reed removal

Invasive, noxious giant reed grows high above the backyard wall of this home on Tusher Street. Photo by Doug McMurdo

For only the second time, the Grand County Council at Tuesday’s meeting issued a “declaration of nuisance” regarding a home on Tusher Street that has Arundo Donax, commonly known as giant reed, infesting its back yard.

Weed Supervisor Tim Higgs told council members the residents have been formally asked to remove the reed – which they claim is bamboo, he said – and on both occasions they refused. Getting rid of the invasive and noxious giant reed is a high priority for the county, said Higgs, who reminded council members there is a program to replace the reed with other vegetation.

Other homeowners have removed giant reed on their properties, such as the neighbors of the home on Tusher, which spread into their backyard.

The declaration allows county staffers to enter the property and remove the reed. The vote passed 6-0.