GCHS lets down advanced students


Last Friday, July 12, I was informed that none of the Advanced Placement tests taken by the 2019 Grand County High School seniors had been sent to the College Board for grading. Apparently someone in the Grand County High School Administration office simply forgot to send them. Those tests were completed months ago. My daughter only found out about this mistake late last week when she went to her University of Utah orientation in Salt Lake City.

Now it looks like all of her, and over 20 other AP seniors’, hard work might be for nothing. How could this happen? My daughter spent 80 percent of her senior year studying for her AP Calculus and English courses. AP classes were the bulk of her senior year.

I called Grand County High School days ago and they have yet to return my call. Because of this screw-up my daughter was forced to take a lower level Math Class at the U of U and will probably never be able to use her AP credits.

I would like to hear from Grand County High School about how they are going to repair the damage done to my daughter’s academic record and the 20 other AP students who have been affected by this clerical error.

– Brian Donegan