Police: Woman arrested after trespassing into husband’s house

Arrest follows troubled history for entire family

Moab City Police arrested a woman Monday, July 8, after she allegedly went into her husband’s house, from which she had been trespassed one month prior. The two, who have a daughter together, are undergoing a divorce.

Around 2 p.m. on Monday, the husband told police that his wife had entered the house. A neighbor contacted the husband when he saw the wife allegedly go inside.

When police arrived they found it was locked, so they decided to wait down the street. Within five minutes of waiting, according to the report, police made contact with the wife, who admitted to going inside the house and knowing she had trespassed.

The woman told police that she had entered through the back door because it was unlocked. She reportedly went in because she had not heard from the couple’s 5-year-old daughter, and she was worried about her. The daughter lives with the husband, but it was unclear from the report whether or how often she sees her mother.

The husband and wife have been estranged for years, according to police, due to what the husband called the wife’s “drug problem.” A previous police report, described later, detailed the incident one month prior that led to the husband trespassing the wife from his house.

Aftermath of Monday incident

As police were driving the wife to jail, she began to have a panic attack. Police had Grand County EMS check on the woman when they arrived at the jail, and EMS cleared her.

While checking the woman into custody at the jail, police allegedly found on her person a set of keys. She said they belonged to her husband and that she found the keys in the driveway.

The husband’s stepfather told police after the incident Monday that he found a crack pipe on his property that he alleged belonged to the wife. Police said they found no evidence that the paraphernalia belonged to her.

The husband also contacted police after the incident, saying that he could not find his handgun. Police asked the wife whether she had moved it while she was in the house, and she reportedly said that she picked up the gun when she got scared that someone was in the basement.

She also reportedly said that she later left the gun in a hallway. The husband later found the gun.

June incident resulted in restraining order against wife

Around 10:30 p.m. on June 7, police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a local home. When they arrived at the house, they spoke to the husband, who said that the wife had come home that evening and that she was no longer welcome to be there.

The husband told police that the woman steals his property and had just that night taken his cell phone and a key to his truck. He also said that the wife was homeless and stayed with friends night-to-night.

As he was speaking to police, the wife came out of the house, carrying the daughter, and disagreed with what the husband was saying. She said that he had been drinking and was drunk.

Police then asked the wife where the child lived, and she said that she lived primarily with the husband. According to the report, when the husband was at work, the daughter stayed with the wife or the child’s grandparents, although there was no formal arrangement.

Soon after, the husband’s parents arrived at the scene. The child’s grandfather started yelling at the police officer; the child began crying; the officer called for backup and also contacted the Utah Division of Child and Family Services.

Eventually, the officer sent the grandmother inside the house with the child, and another officer controlled the grandfather.

Police arranged with the wife to stay at Seekhaven, a local crisis center for children and families, for the night.

The grandmother told police that the wife was abusive toward the husband but that he had not taken action because he wanted the wife to be a part of their daughter’s life.

Police then asked the husband whether he wanted the wife banned from his property, and he said that he did not. Rather, he said, he wanted to be respected and not have his property stolen. This set off an argument between the wife and husband, so police again separated the two.

After DCFS contacted police about the incident, the husband decided to go ahead with trespassing the wife from his property. Police told the wife that she had been trespassed and let her gather her belongings. Rather than getting an escort to Seekhaven, she left the scene, saying that she was going camping.

Police: Grandfather drunkenly tried to enter neighbor’s house

In an incident Thursday, July 11, police arrested the husband’s father after he allegedly tried to get into another man’s house. The homeowner, who was home at the time, called police. He said that the grandfather was acting drunk and saying that he owned the house.

When police arrived, they found the grandfather in a bush at the front of the house, struggling to stand up. When they asked him to identify himself, he allegedly refused.

Police arrested the grandfather for intoxication and failure to disclose his identity. Officers said in a report that he tried in various ways to avoid being arrested.

After taking the grandfather to jail, his wife approached police at the scene of the incident to ask if they had seen her husband. After she described her husband, police discerned that he was the man they had just arrested.

The grandmother told police that her husband had a history of strokes. Grand County EMS evaluated the grandfather and “determined he was not in any danger medically,” according to the police report.