City council ‘steamroll voted’ in lodging law


On July 23 the citizens of this entire community once again became victims of a crime. The city council “steamroll voted” to also strip landowners of their rights. The arrogance displayed by our public officials is sickening to say the least. After nearly six months of doing virtually nothing, except waiting for “big brother,” the county council, to re-vote themselves into a complete dictatorship, they then saw fit to copy the same tyrannical behavior.

All the while trying to reassure us that they will gradually “give back” our rights, oh, but with “conditions” as they see fit to impose. Minutes before a vote you are throwing in amendments? What in God’s name is a “viewscape” restriction? [This is] very vague and loaded with possibilities for any one person to stop a development because it offends their eyes. Do you think that most of us enjoy seeing painted up old school buses littering the landscape surrounding our community?

Or camping with clotheslines stretched out in our parks? That offends my viewscape, but do we run crying to government officials? No, we carry on about our day, to contribute to the economy, we live and let live! I wouldn’t expect that kind of passive approach any longer. You have raped people of their rights. You have no credibility left, so stop lying to us! No one believes your “reasons” anymore.

If you really cared about the housing issues, you would have done something positive when given multiple opportunities. Tell us why, when last year, you were presented with a sweetheart deal for the residents that you turned it down? This plan would have provided 500, rent-controlled, 99-year deeded, low-income units. As of yet you still haven’t provided us with an answer. Instead your approach seems to be to buy up land with the intention to provide it on your own, although with taxpayers’ money. Do we get a vote? No, you will steamroll it through like everything else. Not to mention that you will be competing with the private sector, the very people that offered you 500 units at little to no taxpayer expense. So again, no one believes you. This is not Cuba. The government should stay out of the way of the private sector.

Citizens please join our coalition to take back our property rights. We are forming a coalition to put a stop to these tyrannical efforts from our public officials. We will have our own petition for you to sign, since this whole thing was started with a petition of some 700 names. Seven percent of the population demanding a right to dictate how the other 93 percent of us Iive. Not acceptable!

If interested, email [email protected].

– Robert Hines