Museum photo ID effort ends


I have reluctantly decided to end my attempt to catalog the Barnes Photo Collection housed at the Museum of Moab. All of the black and white photos are done and a few of the color photos, also. I never got to the color slides.

With no descriptions of where the color photos and slides were taken and the envelopes containing photos of multiple locations, it became more of a job than I need at this time. There may come a time I may discover clues to help with a part of the collection, but until then …

I would like to thank many people for their generous help in the work that has been done. First on the list would be Fran and Terby’s daughter, Terry Lewis, who helped with so many questions. Lin Ottinger was another one who helped greatly, as well as being the subject of many of the photos.

The list continues with Chris Goetze, Scott Brown (National Park Service), Bruce McCabe (NPS), Steve Young (NPS), Houlan Winslow (NPS), Alice Drogin, Tom Taylor, Leigh Grench (Bureau of Land Management), Don Montoya, Resford Rauser, Berwyn Knight, Izzy Nelson, Mike Price, John Cortes (Grand County Recorder), Vauna Randall, Michael Kelsey, Julie Howard (NPS), Karla Hancock, Donald Paulson, PhD. (curator of the Ouray County Historical Society), John Foster, PhD. (former director of the Museum of Moab) and Allison Stegner (post-doctoral research associate at the Department of Integrative Biology, University of Wisconsin, Madison).

I am sure that I will continue to discover materials that relate to the collection and as I do that, information will be passed along to further document this outstanding collection representing so much of the Barnes’ time in this area.

Once again, thanks to you all.

– David Vaughn