Voters spoke, councils listened


Local government is responsible for looking after the interests of Moab and Grand County residents, and over the past couple of weeks the city and county councils have fulfilled this responsibility with flying colors.

The large majority of Moab residents think that uncontrolled growth in the tourism sector over the past few years is ruining our community. Enough is enough!

The councils listened to the voters and took effective action. In the past, out-of-state hotel corporations and a handful of commercial property owners controlled the pace of growth in Moab. In the future, these decisions will be made as part of a public process that will consider quality of life issues for residents, water availability, economic diversity, and infrastructure demands. This is an initial and very important step toward taking back control of our town.

A few people have alleged that the city and county are on shaky legal ground. If anything, the ordinances are too cautious–the city and county made a few concessions to commercial property owners that perhaps weren’t legally necessary.

I congratulate the city and county councils, planning staffs, and their legal advisors on running an open, thorough, fair and solid process that led up to the recent ordinances. I attended most of the public meetings; there were a lot of them. Often meeting rooms were packed with residents who wanted to voice their concerns about runaway tourism. The community spoke and the councils listened.

Thank you, councils!

– Liz Thomas