Doctor: Truck stop location bad for babies


I am not opposed to truckers. Yes, they are indeed great men and women and they have a difficult and demanding job.

What I do object to is where Love’s wants to put their truck stop. As a practicing OB/GYN for 27 years, our literature is replete with studies that indicate air pollution leads to low birth weight infants and an increase in birth defects, most notably heart defects.

A truck stop 25 feet from a residential area is not the place it should be. While a truck stop does indeed provide much-needed facilities to the truckers who support our lifestyle, Love’s could put the truck stop in LaSal Junction a scant 15 miles south of Spanish Valley.

This would also help people who live in that area get a restaurant closer to them and the ability to grab items from the convenience store without the longer drive to Moab. It is all about location – not the truckers.

– Lynda Smirz, MD
Moab/northern San Juan County