I lost $200 in cards, mailed through Moab P.O.


Due to the article this week about mail theft at the Moab Post Office, I want to share my experience, odd as it is.

Dec. 17, 2007, I went to Wells Fargo and purchased four $50 Visa gift cards for my family in Montana. I went to the Post Office and asked at the window how to safely mail them. The gentleman clerk told me what to do. I bought insurance also, that would not reimburse me.

When my family did not receive them, I went to the Post Office and reported it. They said they would check into it. But they never did.

I then went to Wells Fargo, and they traced the card numbers. They were used the very next day, Dec. 18, at a Walmart in Idaho Falls, Idaho to buy a TV. Later, the balance was used to buy gas in Montana.

The Walmart had no photo of the customer when Wells Fargo talked to them. There was a scrawled signature that couldn’t be made out.

I am hoping this may help date when thefts were going on. Sometime in the afternoon of Dec. 17, my cards were stolen. It’s a nine-hour drive to Idaho Falls from Moab, where they were used on the 18th.

– Sharon Arehart