Man arrested July 29 after allegedly defecating in public

Moab City Police arrested a man on the evening of Monday, July 29, after he reportedly exposed his genitals to people “behind the Main Street stores between Center and 100 North,” according to a police report.

The person who called police showed officers a photo of the man she had taken while his pants were down. She said that she watched him defecate and asked him to leave. She said that he began grabbing leaves off of a bush while his pants were still around his ankles.

After searching the area, police found a man matching the description the woman gave. Officers asked whether he had gone to the bathroom out in the open, and he allegedly admitted to police that he urinated.

Officers reported that they smelled alcohol and feces emanating from the man as they took him under arrest; they also reported seeing “a brown substance on the back of his shorts,” according to a police report. Officers then took the man to Grand County Jail.

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