Man cited for sleeping naked in his car at Lions Park Aug. 2

Moab City Police cited a man for indecent exposure on the evening of Friday, Aug. 2, after an officer found the man sleeping nude in his car, which was parked at Lions Park.

According to a police report, the officer knocked on the car window, awakening the man.

“The male was confused at first, apparently from being awakened from his deep sleep,” the police report reads.

When asked why he was sleeping naked in his car, the man reportedly told the officer that he was hot, and he wanted to “be safe from a day of riding his side by side.”

The officer told the man that camping or parking overnight on city property is against Moab City statutes and asked for the man’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

After a struggle to find all of his documents, the man provided the officer with the proper documents. Police warned him for camping within city limits and cited him for public nudity.