Stop high-density project behind hotel


It has come to my attention that a large development on 16 acres above the west side of Highway 191, just south of town, which will comprise 226 units and nine four-story apartment buildings, should be halted immediately for further review of the true extent of impacts and future costs.

  1. This development is far too big. It will compromise water supply, sewer capacity, city and county services and infrastructure.
  2. It will be an eyesore, visible from everywhere due to its elevation being above everything else; the council must correct irresponsible and haphazard zoning.
  3. It will be built on a large and important series of springs. This is grossly bad land use.
  4. Architecture should have to pass a review. If Grand County doesn’t have high architectural standards, the development should be halted until it does, and be required to pass those high standards.
  5. The development should be scrupulously vetted, including requirements to adequately provide affordable housing and financial transparency.

This development is a design travesty at the very least.

It should be halted and carefully reviewed by council members and their constituents and applicable agencies so that irregularities, infrastructure burdens, questionable financing and impacts don’t get discovered until it’s too late, after build-out.

Enough is enough.

– Adele Alsop
Castle Valley