Thanks, Moab, for turning out for Mom


We must say that the people of Moab and T-I readers are such a wonderful community! We would like to thank everyone who helped make our mother, Juanita Mabery’s 90th birthday such a special and memorable day for her with cards and well wishes.

We came very close to our goal of 90 birthday cards! The response from people who know her was overwhelming and really made her day a special event. It was especially heartwarming to see people walking up the driveway with cards and balloons. We are always pleasantly surprised to see how this community pulls together in support, whether it be for cancer fundraisings, or simple birthday wishes.

Gratefully yours,

The children of Juanita Mabery,

–Ken (Jean) Mabery,
John (Jill) Mabry,
Debbie Littlefield