Support grows for Arroyo Crossing housing project

The Arroyo Crossing affordable housing project took a step closer to reality Aug. 6 when the Grand County Council held a public hearing. Residents who live near the project voiced support. Photo by Doug McMurdo

The power of reaching out played out Aug. 6 when the Grand County Council held a public hearing to take public comment on the Arroyo Crossing affordable housing project off Spanish Valley Drive.

Residents in the Spanish Valley Drive neighborhood who previously expressed concerns ranging from flooding to traffic to viewsheds returned on Aug. 6 to voice support for the 300-unit subdivision. The lots will be deed-restricted based on income and other factors.

Audrey Graham of the Moab Area Community Land Trust, the nonprofit behind the project, went door to door to speak to people in the area and to address their concerns.

Her efforts were more than lip service. The subdivision map the Grand County Council is considering was altered. One of the people who spoke in favor, Cynthia Smith, said she was “happy to have … it in the neighborhood.” Graham said the comments neighbors made and the changes that resulted from them made the project better.

Already approved for the High-Density Housing Overlay zonie, the 42-acre project needs to move forward quickly if the MACLT is going to take advantage of financial assistance. “Time is of the essence,” said Graham. “We’re slated to get several million dollars in funding (from a federal program). Ideally by late September we need to have this nailed down. If we don’t, chances are we won’t see it again.”

The council in addition to approving the project for the overlay has agreed to waive filing fees.