Extension offers August yard/garden tips

The heat is on, and yards and gardens are trying to keep up with the temperatures. Consider these tips from the USU Extension Gardeners Almanac to keep your garden thriving this month.

Plant selected cool season vegetables for a fall harvest. Deadhead (cut off) spent blossoms of perennial and annual flowers. Deep-water established trees and shrubs about once per month during the heat of summer. And remember that turf grass only needs 1 ½-2 inches of irrigation per week, according to Julene Reese, public relations spokesperson.

To deal with pests and the problems they can cause, check under the leaves of pumpkins, melons and squash plants for squash bugs. Watch for mosaic virus in vine crops, and remove infected plants to reduce the spread. Watch for holes from tobacco budworm feeding in the leaves of petunias, necotiana, geraniums and other annual flowers.

Protect black locust trees (not honey locusts) with a registered chemical to prevent locust borer damage. Control codling moth in apples and pears to reduce wormy fruit. For specific timing, see the extension’s Utah Pests Advisories.

Extension officials encourage people to learn how to identify a hobo spider. Also, controlling European paper wasps with traps is helpful this time of year.

Contact Reese at Utah State University Extension, 435-757-6418; [email protected].