Police arrest suspect in restaurant burglary

On Wednesday, Aug. 14, police arrested Ryan Van Winkle for burglarizing a local restaurant, taking $130 of alcohol. According to police, Van Winkle’s brother had previously burglarized the same restaurant.

After reviewing security footage from the restaurant, police determined that, at around 1:30 a.m., a man broke into the restaurant and, after rummaging through the refrigerator, left with two bottles of wine and twelve bottles of beer.

After reviewing the footage, a woman who works at the restaurant told police that she suspected that the burglar was Van Winkle’s brother, who she said had stolen from the restaurant before. After further examination, police determined that their suspect in the case was Van Winkle, not his brother.

After attempting to reach both Van Winkle and his brother, police said they found that only Van Winkle was in town. Police said they went to his house, and when he came out, he was allegedly wearing clothes that matched the clothing the burglar was wearing in the security footage.

Police asked Van Winkle where he had been at around 1:30 a.m., when the burglary happened; he said that he was at his house. Officers then showed him security footage from the burglary. Police also asked to see Van Winkle’s shoulder, which had a tattoo like the one on the man in the security footage.

After further questioning, police said that Van Winkle admitted to entering the restaurant and taking the items. He said that others who were with him at the time pressured him to do it.

Police charged Van Winkle with burglary of a non-dwelling property, which is a felony, and theft. Officers said in the police report that the man was “very cooperative” throughout the investigation.