Rallying cry: Stop SITLA


I oppose the sale of land by SITLA [Schools and Institutional Trust Lands Administration] to the Love’s Corporation for a large truck stop. Although truckers need a place to stop along their route, there are other locations where a truck stop would not border a quiet residential area. The current proposal is not acceptable.

North Spanish Valley is a small rural community and would be overwhelmed by a Love’s truck stop. The issue is one of magnitude. In this situation, it’s like some key actors have assumed the position that since the zoning allows lizards, Godzilla should be allowed since Godzilla is a lizard.

The grim reality is that residential property owners will be hurt while the Love’s corporation, not local businesses, will profit. People choose to live in Spanish Valley to enjoy the farm-like setting and quietude, and families naturally want a safe and healthy environment.

No one wants to live near a truck stop. A property adjoining such a truck stop could become virtually unsellable. No amount of convenience afforded by a big truck stop could begin to offset losses that would feather into the entire community.

For some people, the security of their retirement could be threatened. This potentially devastating consequence for residents hasn’t been given the importance that it deserves.

I point a clearly aimed finger at SITLA and its bullying ways. I have no sympathy for an entity that evinces a constructive cause but displays a moral blindness to the broader consequences of its actions. SITLA must learn to include the welfare of local communities in its quest to fulfill its mission.

If SITLA continues its path of disregard, then “Stop SITLA” must be our rallying cry.

– Larry Edwards
San Juan County