Green River gas pipeline project moves forward

The Moab Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management approved a right of way to the City of Green River to construct and operate a natural gas pipeline, according to spokesperson Lisa Bryant.

The pipeline will extend from the existing Greentown Gas Processing Facility to Green River’s Gate Station, said Bryant, who noted Green River in southern Emery County takes pride as a gateway for exploring nearby public lands.

She said that for several years the city has looked into an efficient way to provide inexpensive natural gas for its roughly 950 residents.

“The BLM is pleased to help facilitate economic opportunities and future growth this gas line may bring to the city of Green River,” said Lance Porter, Canyon Country district manager.

The buried six-inch pipeline will extend approximately 16 miles across BLM-administered lands and non-federal lands in Grand and Emery counties. Facilities at either end of the pipeline are located on lands administered by the Utah State Institutional Trust Lands Administration, said Bryant.

The pipeline corridor mostly parallels existing roads, including Blue Hills and Ruby Ranch roads and Historic U.S. 6, said Bryant, who added the project includes a number of resource protection measures, including avoiding construction during critical pronghorn fawning and raptor nesting seasons. Supporting documentation for the project can be found on the BLM’s ePlanning website.

Green River must obtain authorizations from other affected land owners and meet certain terms and conditions before the right of way is issued and construction begins. Bryant, on behalf of the BLM, said, “This milestone is an excellent example of the BLM working with local communities. This decision directly supports Green River’s plans to provide lower cost energy and improve the quality of life for its citizens.”