Man arrested twice in same week for intoxication

Just before midnight on Monday evening, Aug. 19, Moab City Police found a man lying on the sidewalk on 100 West, “rolling from side to side as if he was attempting to get back on his feet.” Police asked the man if he had any place to stay, to which he said no, and he was booked into jail for intoxication.

Later that week, on Thursday, Aug. 22, the man was arrested after a report that he was allegedly refusing to leave a local residence. Police said they found the man near the residence, yelling at another, and later arrested him due to his aggression.

When officers arrived at the scene on Thursday, the other man saw the police car arrive and began walking away. The intoxicated man turned around and, according to police, “squared off,” and began talking loudly but incoherently. Police said the man “took an aggressive stance,” but quickly settled down and started “walking, or stumbling” around the officer.

An officer asked the man his name and found it was the same man from the incident earlier in the week. He reportedly “reeked of alcohol” and had slurred speech. Police said that the man “was calm one second, then amped up the next,” so an officer placed him in handcuffs during one of his calmer moments without much resistance.

Police said they later had to force him into his jail cell and that, once he was in, he “pounded on the windows and walls of his cell,” and was “screaming wildly.”

The man is charged with disturbing the peace and intoxication.