Report of burglary leads to marijuana charge

An employee at a local hotel called police on Thursday, Aug. 22, after a man allegedly took a key card off of a maid’s cart and entered some of the rooms. Police later found the suspect at a local restaurant and arrested him after finding marijuana and paraphernalia in his bag.

Police responded to the hotel after receiving a call about the incident. Hotel staff said that a man had come in to pick up a job application, left to fill it out, later returned it then allegedly snuck into two of the hotel rooms after stealing an access card off of a maid’s cart.

Police got the name of the suspect from the job application, and as police began leaving the scene in search of him, an employee flagged police down. She said that the hotel’s maintenance man had followed him down the street to a restaurant and that he was there at that moment.

Police went to the restaurant and spoke to the hotel maintenance man, who said that the man had gone into the restaurant’s bathroom to change. Police approached the suspect and asked him his name, to which he replied with the same name police saw on the job application.

The suspect told police that he took a hotel card and went into one of the hotel rooms to “see how they do things,” according to a police report. Officers asked whether the man had taken anything, to which he reportedly replied that officers could search him.

Police said the man allowed them to search his backpack, where they said they found a small green pipe, some smashed marijuana buds and two full containers of beer.

After searching the rest of the backpack and the restaurant’s bathroom, police reported that they did not find any stolen items. The room key he allegedly took was located on the ground, outside the hotel.

Police arrested the man for trespassing and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. Police said that security footage they later reviewed from the hotel showed the man entering one of the hotel rooms, along with the pool area.