In remembrance of a friend


It seems like I really have been writing way too many of these in the last year or so. Even the sheriff said it seemed like a lot of folks were passing away when I told him about the passing of Dave Holtz last week.

I, too, will miss my neighbor and friend, Dave. Other than Robin Sheridan, I had probably known him longer than anyone else in Castle Valley. True, his way of life might have been unconventional but he was still a good person.

He was one of my go-to people if I had questions about the history of the area. He was a virtual encyclopedia of little known facts and memories, especially concerning mining. He lived the life he wanted as much on his own terms as he possibly could. You had to respect him for that if nothing else.

He had indicated to me several times in the last year or so that he was not always feeling well, but never gave any indication that he might think it was anything other than just getting old. So, as you continue your journey, I hope you have found what you were looking for, Dave.

You will be remembered…

– Dave Vaughn
Castle Valley