We need ‘more lighting, not less’


To all of you who are promoting this dark skies agenda, you are out of your minds. If you want dark skies go to Arches, Dead Horse Point or you can go south of town to see dark skies.

What this town needs is more lighting, not less. How many tragedies are going to happen like the one two weeks ago?

Folks come here to vacation, not to lose their lives. Although speed wasn’t a factor in this tragedy, not enough lighting was the factor in this tragedy. Something needs to be done about so much exhibition [of speed] from the traffic light at Kane Creek and Main to the crosswalk by City Market.

Just last year I reported a vehicle for just that, exhibition [of speed]! At the time I reported the vehicle doing this I told the person I was talking to that someone is going to get hit and killed. I see nothing was done about this vehicle doing this because today that same vehicle is still putting the pedal to the metal, along with a lot of the rest of the traffic. I will say it again: There is going to be another tragedy in that area if someone doesn’t start taking care of business.

We have all of these signs on these side streets that are flashing the speed limit and no one that I have seen is doing the speed limit. In fact, a vehicle pulled out of the high school and the driver was probably going at least 40 in a 25 mph speed zone. This guy was blowing black smoke out of his tail pipe; that is how fast he was going.

I can see everyone is too busy to bother with anyone breaking the speed limit, but during the car show they are right there pulling people over left and right for exhibition and speeding. What goes for one goes for all is how it should be, but it’s not that way. Let’s just slap the locals on the hand and let them go. God forbid they should upset a local. But they sure don’t mind upsetting the tourists.

Like I said, dark skies is a very bad idea for in town. I can see that not having enough lighting around town doesn’t concern anyone at all. You are just worried about whether or not you can see your precious dark skies when you can drive north and south to see them.

The town is not the place for dark skies. We need more lighting so another tragedy like two weeks ago never happens again.

– Kerrie Bertwell
Grand County